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Our Brand Story

“Little Sudhams” from the house of Amutham Wovensz, was created to cater to the needs of parents who seek products with great quality, novelty and style. At Little Sudhams, we are proud to offer India’s best newborn organic clothing online. Our baby essentials are gentle, safe, and as soft as a mother’s touch on a newborn baby’s delicate skin.

We believe that our grandmothers understood and practiced several traditions that were important for the overall development and well-being of the growing child. We are committed to introduce products that blend in our unique Indian heritage and traditional best practices with the latest technology. “Little Sudhams” literally means “Little Children” where “Sudham” is a Sanskrit word for “Child”.

When we wanted a name and logo that would truly represent Indianness in a childlike manner, we came up with “Little Sudhams” with a smiling Sun. The colour Yellow represents the fun and warmth a newborn baby brings to every household. The colour purple represents royalty as newborn babies are like royalty in every sense.

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little sudhams about brand

Why did we create Little Sudhams?

With a background in the textile business, we always wanted to be part of a brand that creates impeccable products reflecting Indianness in every possible way. As a mother, I created ‘Little Sudhams’ out of the eagerness to help fellow new mothers choose the best quality products for their little ones.

What are our Brand Values?

Quality, Sustainability, Affordability & Innovation

Why should you choose Little Sudhams?

We are delighted to offer great quality products that are affordable to new parents without compromising on our social and environmental aspects. The following are some more reasons for you to choose Little Sudhams for your newborn baby.

Proudly Made in India with Love

We source and manufacture all raw materials, accessories, and products for our newborn organic clothing wholly in India

All things little and lovely

We make our newborn organic clothing essentials from the finest cotton, weave it into the softest fabric, stitch it to perfection, and pack it with lots of love and care. We, at Little Sudhams understand the unique bond between you and your little one, a bond of boundless love, utmost care and a lifetime of trust. 

Reusable Products – the way forward

Young mothers around the world are choosing washable and reusable alternatives for their babies for various reasons. They select reusable products like cloth nappies because they are free from harmful chemicals, biodegradable, and budget-friendly. It’s time to switch to cloth nappies and other washable products that are earth-friendly, baby-friendly, and wallet-friendly.

*Tested safe by The Textile Committee, Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India

**Made from 100% Cotton

Cleaner & Greener

We have made a conscious effort to maintain the following in all our products for a cleaner and greener earth.

  • Colour of the products are kept to a minimum to prevent unnecessary dyeing and printing processes that has a heavy load on the soil and water resources.
  • The packaging of all our products is plastic-free and made from recycled material.
  • Organic Cotton has been used for all double muslin essentials that have been sourced sustainably.
  • For every purchase you make with us, we provide a 100% cotton cloth bag to promote reusable cotton bags instead of one-time use plastics as a lifestyle choice.

Sustainable in every sense

We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing high-quality products while upholding our strong commitment to the environment and society.

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