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Little Sudhams Nappies for your Little One
January 2, 2024

Let us look at how to choose nappies for your little one.

What are nappies in the Indian context ?

A nappy/langot is a cotton cloth that is tied around the waist of a newborn baby. This ensures that the baby’s private parts are not only covered and well protected. But also have enough aeration and breathability. The following are the main features a parent or a grandparent should look for in a nappy:

  1. The nappy cloth should be soft: Your newborn baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive. Hence a cotton cloth that is as soft as possible is the right choice.
  2. It should be made of 100% cotton: The fabric made from natural fiber is the best choice for baby products. This is especially true for products that come in direct contact with a newborn baby’s skin. Cotton is simply the obvious choice as it has been tested as the best over several generations.
  3. The nappy cloth should be easily washable: The nappy cloth should be soft, lightweight and be able to withstand multiple washes. The muslin cloth with it’s softness and breathability is the ideal choice for newborn nappies.
  4. The cloth should also be quick to dry: A lightweight and breathable nappy is the perfect choice for your newborn baby. From a caregiver’s perspective also, if it’s lightweight, the drying time gets reduced, making life much easier.

Apart from the above features, we, at Little Sudhams believe that nappies for your little one should be only plain white. Let us look at 5 reasons why:

  1. To Ensure Cleanliness: You may not notice stains or dirt if there are prints or the nappy cloth is dark colored. You can determine the efficiency of a wash cycle of nappies only if it is plain white. It is easier to decide if the muslin nappy needs to be discarded or replaced after multiple washes. The mother can be rest assured that the nappy cloth used for her delicate and sensitive baby is actually clean.
  2. To Spot Color Changes in Baby’s Poop or Pee: As a new mother, you have enough on your hands to handle with a newborn around. It is great if you don’t have to worry about whether a stain on nappy is poop or print. A plain white nappy makes life easier for a parent to spot any changes in baby’s poop or pee. You need to examine the changes regularly. This is important especially when there have been changes in the baby’s feeding or sleeping pattern or during infection.
  3. To Spot any Small Insects: There is every chance that an insect could go unnoticed when there are prints all over a nappy. Hence, it is a good idea you should use plain white nappies for your little one. This helps in preventing a confusion between a print and a potential insect in a nappy. When it comes to caring for a newborn you should choose what is best and avoid any chances.
  4. No Printing or Dyeing: A plain white nappy with no prints or colors is not only ideal for the baby, but also for the environment. We, at Little Sudhams, understand that as a parent, you would like to dress up the child in beautiful outfits with vibrant colors. But when it comes to the baby, we believe you will definitely choose safety and comfort over beauty.
  5. Baby Does not care if nappy is printed/blue/pink: Your sensitive and innocent baby does not have any care about the color or designs of a nappy. As a new parent, what you constantly worry about is the health, comfort and safety of the baby. When you choose to use plain white nappies, you can be reset assured that you have taken the right decision. The right decision not only for your baby, but also for you and the planet.

We, at Little Sudhams hope that this article helped you choose the best nappies for your little one.

Our muslin nappies, nappy liners, jablas etc., are all made of plain white for the above mentioned reasons. Click here to shop for our Muslin Nappies from the Little Sudhams store.


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