New-born Baby Dress Cotton Sleeveless (1-6 months) LS-Dress- 1110

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Features:Let’s look at the features of this Cotton Sleeveless Baby Dress. Firstly, this is a beautiful traditional cotton dress. Secondly, this dress is made from Jacquard cotton. Thirdly and more importantly, the lining of the dress is a soft cotton with natural dyes. So, your baby will look cute yet comfortable on special occasions. Also, if you are planning to gift a new-born baby girl, this dress is a great choice.
Care instructions:Please do Gentle Hand Wash or Gentle/Cradle Machine Wash. Do not Tumble dry. Please do not bleach or do not dry clean. Please use a mild warm iron if required.
Package Contains1 Cotton Dress
Country of Origin/ManufactureIndia
Material100% Cotton with soft cotton lining dyed naturally
SizePlease check size reference image.
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Weight160 g
Dimensions15 × 15 × 3 cm

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