Organic Double Muslin Cotton 16-layered Pre-folded Nappy Liner-37cm x 37cm-White

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  • 37cm x 37cm


Features:Let’s look at the features of this Organic Cotton Muslin Pre-folded Nappy Liner. Firstly, these liners are made from softest double muslin cloth and ideal for use within cover diapers. Secondly, this nappy liner has 3 folds with 8 layers at the center and 4 layers at each of the sides. Thirdly and more importantly, the liner is made up of only organic muslin cotton and unlike other diaper inserts, these are free from micro-fiber. Finally, the liner can be opened up for easy washing and drying. The layers ensure that there is good absorption capacity. This design makes it extremely safe and breathable for your baby.
Age Guidance: (Size and weight)6-24 months
Package contains:5 Nappy Liners
Care instructions:Gentle Hand Wash or Gentle/Cradle Machine Wash, Do not Tumble dry, Do not Bleach, Do not dry clean, Mild Warm iron. Pre-wash before first use is recommended
Country of Origin/ManufactureIndia
Material100% Organic Cotton
Certifications if any:GOTS
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37cm x 37cm